Styku 3D Body Scan allows you to visualize your progress and gives providers an opportunity to help you set goals for a healthy body composition. Patients stand atop a simple turntable, and a 3D camera rotates, pans, and scans to extract hundreds of accurate measurements; develop a shape analysis, including profile, silhouette, and waist-to-hip ratio; and establish a fat analysis and body composition breakdown to reconstruct the body in a three-dimensional model. The scans can assess the risk of obesity-related diseases using waist circumference, waist-to-hip ratio, and body fat. The 3D body scan is utilized in health clubs, personal training, medical aesthetics, and healthcare settings. Providers use the body scan to chart key measurements over time to keep clients motivated. The biometrics provide a number of advantages, including strengthening the relationship between clients and providers. The body scanner shows progress visually, measures fat loss and muscle development, and targets specific body areas for improvement.

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