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Whole Body Collagen

Whole Body Collagen

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60 capsules



60 capsules

Metabolic Synergy

Metabolic Synergy™

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Bark Twain


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Focus on Your Genes

The Genomic Spotlight test uses the Opus23 platform technology to identify how genes and single nucleotide polymorphisms (SNPs) function with each other and how they impact your physiology. Practitioners customize patient genomic reports with an interactive dashboard that provides detailed information on nutritional supplements, diet, and lifestyle changes that can proactively shape genetic expression and function. The test assesses eight key areas of health, including methylation, structural health, aging, cognitive health, detoxification, endocrine health, inflammatory status, and gastrointestinal health.

Advanced Tool for Metabolic Health

A functional wellness test, the Metabolomics Spotlight provides an in-depth analysis of a client’s biochemistry and metabolism, exploring metabolism function and efficiency to better target supportive lifestyle changes. Each test contains detailed instructions on how to collect a urine sample and send it for analysis. Test reports include information about mitochondrial function, micronutrient status, amino acids, proteins, neurotransmitters, and more.

Good Gut Health

The GI Spotlight functional wellness test provides an in-depth analysis of the gastrointestinal (GI) tract and the ecosystem it shares with more than four trillion microbes that perform essential functions for a healthy gut. Each test contains detailed instructions to help you easily collect a sample for analysis. This comprehensive microbe assessment includes digestion, immune, hormonal, and neurotransmitter functions. The test provides valuable information for your practitioner to guide you on following an appropriate diet and lifestyle and taking recommended nutraceutical or dietary supplements.